Companies and People I’ve been honoured to work with.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

“Having Tanya as my coach has transformed my life.  I’ve learned that  most things that happen around me are not about me and as a consequence, I’ve become a more effective communicator when responding and interacting.  This positive shift in energy has impacted my personal and professional life in many ways such as naturally attracting more motivating and like-minded people and as well as receiving unsolicited job offers.  Additionally, with Tanya’s help, I found the courage to conquer a 50km obstacle race which I never thought possible.  Thank you, Tanya… you rock!”

Andrew Fong - Executive Chef

“I found that working with Tanya allowed me to evaluate my problems from a new perspective. Tanya was able to guide me through my own thought process and assist me in creating effective solutions that gave me more time back.”

Tyler Zimmerman - Real Matters/Solidifi

“Son coaching joyeux et efficace vous guide sur la route du mieux être et vous rend actif, entreprenant et prêt à foncer.  L’approache de Tanya est interactive.  Elle mélange conversations, réflections et exercises.  Elle est flexible et disponible.”

Natacha Sarafin - Copywriter/Translator

“I have had the honour to see Tanya overcome many obstacles, I do mean this literally.  In addition, I have had the privilege to learn from her.  Not only is her personal drive, work ethic and her overall commitment to goals, tasks and personal growth outstanding; she is a leader.  While taking on personal challenges, Tanya excels in assisting, guiding and directing others through their personal path.  Through calculated efforts, she provides the service in which her clients, teammates and colleagues will gain the most value.  If you are looking for someone who will use a technique tailored to your growth, I highly recommend you reach out to Tanya!”

Chris Stewe, Certified Level 2 Spartan Coach

“Working with Tanya is fun, inspiring and she is eager to learn and share ideas.  Tanya’s sense of humility allows her to search for the best answer; not having to be right.”

Greg MacDonald, BSc., CRSP, CEC, uACUMEN Executive Coaching

“I have been privileged to work with Tanya and wanted to share what an invaluable experience it has been both professionally and personally.  Our initial objectives were to continue to exceed out organisational goals of efficiency, high standards and excellent client care and to empower our team with effective communication and cohesiveness.  Tanya quickly established a trusting environment, allowing for exploration and growth.  We are meeting and surpassing goals while realizing increased clarity and contentment on a personal level.  A very rewarding investment.”

Mari Lepa, Aurora Orthodontics